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Vintage Car

Repair Process

Here is a step by step showing you what to expect during your repair process with Bills Auto Service shop in Clovis, New Mexico. 

  1. Shop will complete a preliminary estimate of visible damages.

  2. Shop will send estimate/photos to insurance per owner request.

  3. Owner/customer signs an authorization for repairs giving the shop permission to move forward with the claims process.

  4. Shop will schedule an appointment with the owner/customer, while waiting on insurance approvals.

5. Once the estimate is approved and the owner/customer confirms

    appointment, parts will be ordered. 

6. Owner/customer drops the vehicle off  dropped for repairs.

7. Shop performs a pre-scan to identify any accident or non-related

    codes on vehicle.

8. Vehicle is dis-assembled to inspect for any hidden damages. 

9. If further damages are found, a supplement will be sent to the

    insurance company for approval.

10. Insurance company approves supplemental damages.

11. Additional parts are ordered, if needed. 

12. Vehicle repairs begin: 

  • Body work is started

  • Paint process begins 

  • Reassembly

  • Sublet (alignments, recalibrations, mechanical, ect.)

  • Shop performs the post repair clean-up of vehicle.

  • Shop performs the final inspection, including the post repair scan.

  • Shop contacts the owner/customer informing them that the vehicle is ready for pick-up. 

  • If a deductible is owed, the shop will collect the deductible and any other outstanding charges from the owner/customer or insurance company.

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