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4x4 Adventures


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Who We Are

“BILL” Odegaard began his journey as a young man by enlisting into the US Navy 4 days after his 17th birthday. While in the Navy, he served as an aviation metalsmith working on airplanes. His love for working on airplanes would eventually lead to his dream of opening his own auto body repair shop. When he completed his 4 years in the Navy, he decided to move to Clovis, NM to be closer to a few of his siblings. Being from North Dakota, his enjoyment for harsh winters was slim to none and he wanted to start his adult life in a location with all 4 seasons! Before moving to Clovis, he already had a job lined up working for J&R Body Shop. He worked there for 12 years before opening his own auto body shop on September 1, 1972, known as Bill’s Auto Service. 


When first opening, the shop had 1 paint booth, no frame machine and employees who consisted of his kids! More than 45 years later, Bill’s Auto Service employs around 20 employees (6 of them being family), has 3 frame machines (2 Kansas Magna Racks and 1 Chassis-liner), 2 semi-downdraft paint booths and even moved to a new location in 2015. Cars continue to become more complex every year and keeping our technicians up to date with the latest technology is very important to us. Our body technicians are I-CAR certified (steel welding, aluminum welding, steel sectioning..ect) with many years experience. Our shop operates on the Dale Carnegie principles and the importance of customer satisfaction is our primary goal. Bill’s youngest son, Roger Odegaard, continues to operate the family owned business and takes pride in serving Clovis and the surrounding areas for many years to come!

Buffing a Car
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